Premium Performance NVMe Web Hosting

Available in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and New York, United States

Utilising stunning Enhance web panel, and blazing fast Samsung NVMe drives, get first class IO performance and instant page loads with our web hosting!
Perfect for Wordpress, both new and experienced users.

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  • 1GB Webspace
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Plans overview

More in-depth information on our plans.

Name Webspace Websites Subdomains Databases SSL
(Let's Encrypt)
NVMe 1G 1 GB 1 Unlimited Unlimited FREE! £0.69/mo.
NVMe 2G 2 GB 1 Unlimited Unlimited FREE! £0.99/mo.
NVMe 5G 5 GB 1 Unlimited Unlimited FREE! £1.99/mo.
NVMe 10G 10 GB 2 Unlimited Unlimited FREE! £3.49/mo.
NVMe 15G 15 GB 2 Unlimited Unlimited FREE! £4.49/mo.
NVMe 20G 20 GB 2 Unlimited Unlimited FREE! £5.99/mo.
NVMe 25G 25 GB 3 Unlimited Unlimited FREE! £7.49/mo.
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Advanced plan details.

Advanced details about our plans which might interest you.

Name Memory CPU Bandwidth
Processes IOPS IO Domains
NVMe 1G 128 MB 1 128 GB 50.000 1024 20 MB/s Unlimited
NVMe 2G 196 MB 1 256 GB 100.000 1024 20 MB/s Unlimited
NVMe 5G 256 MB 1 640 GB 250.000 2048 50 MB/s Unlimited
NVMe 10G 512 MB 1 1 TB 400.000 2048 75 MB/s Unlimited
NVMe 15G 768 MB 1 1.25 TB 500.000 2048 100 MB/s Unlimited
NVMe 20G 1 GB 1 1.5 TB 600.000 4096 125 MB/s Unlimited
NVMe 25G 1.25 GB 1 2 TB 750.000 4096 150 MB/s Unlimited

Hardware we run on.

Here is our top of the line hardware which we use for hosting this service for you.


Our web hosting nodes are using Ryzen 5700X (Amsterdam) and 5950X (New York) processors for superb performance on any workload


We're using fast DDR4 memory, more details are dependent on node CPU and general specifications of it.


Our nodes are using datacenter grade Samsung PM9A3 (Amsterdam) NVMe drives for storage, delivering incredibly low latency and amazing performance.

Nice to haves

Some features we provide that might interest you!

Multiple PHP Versions

We offer you to host any of your PHP websites built from PHP 7.0 all the way to the newest PHP 8.2!

Free Migration

Let us take the hastle of moving hosts, we will do the transition for you (free!) so that you can get up to speed quickly!

Frequent promotions

Make sure to be on a lookout and keep in touch with us as we might have promotions that might interest you!


We are using Enhance, a state of the art panel for managing your websites!

Free SSL

You can have your SSL certificates automatically issued and renewed by Let's Encrypt, you'll never have to wory about your site being insecure again!