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Our Affordable Game Hosting provides you the best balance between price and performance. Using Epyc 7002/3, Ryzen 9 and i9 CPUs with SSD and NVMe storage, you'll have more than enough resources to start your own server!
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Micro Affordable

  • Pterodactyl Panel
  • 0.5 vCore(s)
  • 20GB SSD Storage
  • 1GB RAM
  • Shared IP
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Plans overview

More in-depth information on our plans.

Name vCore(s) CPU RAM Storage IP Bandwidth Price
Micro Game 0.5 View Details 1 GB 5 GB Shared Unmetered @ +200 Mbps £0.99/mo.
Tiny Game 1 View Details 2 GB 10 GB Shared Unmetered @ +200 Mbps £1.99/mo.
Small Game 2 View Details 4 GB 20 GB Shared Unmetered @ +200 Mbps £3.99/mo.
Standard Game 3 View Details 6 GB 30 GB Shared Unmetered @ +200 Mbps £5.99/mo.
Extra Game 4 View Details 8 GB 40 GB Shared Unmetered @ +200 Mbps £7.99/mo.
Need a custom plan? Get in contact with us and we might be able to craft a cheaper (per GB) plan for you!

Higher capacity plans, guaranteed to be deployed on a higher performance node.

Name vCore(s) CPU RAM Storage IP Bandwidth Price
Large Game 4 View Details 12 GB 40 GB Shared Unmetered @ +1 Gbps £11.99/mo.
Extra Large Game 5 View Details 16 GB 45 GB Shared Unmetered @ +1 Gbps £15.99/mo.
Gigantic Game 6 View Details 20 GB 50 GB Shared Unmetered @ +1 Gbps £19.99/mo.
Enormous Game 7 View Details 26 GB 50 GB Shared Unmetered @ +1 Gbps £25.99/mo.
Behemoth Game 8 View Details 32 GB 50 GB Shared Unmetered @ +1 Gbps £31.99/mo.
Need more storage? Get in contact with us and depending on the node, we might be able to give you more storage for free or really cheap!

Supported games

Do we support the game you need? Check our list of over 50 unique games with over 90 mods/variations!

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Pterodactyl Panel

Pterodactyl is the most popular web panel for hosting games. It has many features, like one click start/stop, startup commands, quick and easy transfers/upgrades as well as FTP and Web Based File Browser which are all nice to have. And of course, all of that comes with our hosting!

Nice to haves

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Quick Upgrades

Bought a package too weak or too powerful for you? Let us quickly change your plan without a hastle!

Frequent promotions.

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