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Depending on our availability, this can be anywhere from a couple of minutes up to 48h (if we're restocking). Keep in mind our work hours, we should be available anywhere from 11AM UTC to 9PM UTC.
Depending on which service you got, it might be possible to. Our Game and Environment hosting supports both upgrades and downgrades (under certain storage conditions) while other services might only support upgrades.
Initially you get 5 ports, although this number is not fixed and can be increased on request if needed. Just open a ticket and we will try to respond as soon as possible. Note that if you have a dedicated IP, you can get any port you'd like (with exceptions that are reserved for the node itself), if not, you will get a random port in the assigned range of that service which is 20000-40000 in Game Hosting and 40000-60000 in Environment Hosting.
Big part of it comes down to which software we use as well as our hardware providers, as you might notice, on our web hosting we do not provide the usual cPanel, CloudLinux, WISP etc. as they can be expensive and in most cases be billed by customer, making stuff like £0.49/mo. web and game hosting plans even harder to pull off and not allowing for plans like our £0.19/mo. environment hosting. While we don't provide the industry standard, we do provide reasonable alternatives which allow us to exceed expectations in other areas of hosting!
To name a few amazing alternatives that we use are:
  1. Blesta - Instead of awful WHMCS
  2. Pterodactyl - You can look at WISP as upgraded Pterodactyl
  3. ApisCP - Amazing AIO web hosting panel, alternative to cPanel + CloudLinux

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