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Node JS, Lua, .Net Core, .Net (Mono), Python, Java, Go Lang, Ruby, PHP, Crystal, Deno

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Tiny Affordable

  • Pterodactyl Panel
  • 0.25 vCore(s)
  • 2.8GB SSD Storage
  • 128MB RAM
  • Shared IP
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Paid Biennially

Plans overview

More in-depth information on our plans.

Name vCore(s) CPU RAM Storage IP Bandwidth Price
Micro Environment 0.2 View Details 128 MB 512 MB Shared Unmetered @ +200 Mbps £0.19/mo.
Tiny Environment 0.4 View Details 256 MB 1 GB Shared Unmetered @ +200 Mbps £0.29/mo.
Small Environment 0.6 View Details 512 MB 2 GB Shared Unmetered @ +200 Mbps £0.49/mo.
Standard Environment 0.8 View Details 1024 MB 4 GB Shared Unmetered @ +200 Mbps £0.99/mo.
Extra Environment 1 View Details 2048 MB 8 GB Shared Unmetered @ +200 Mbps £1.99/mo.
Large Environment 2 View Details 4096 MB 16 GB Shared Unmetered @ +200 Mbps £3.99/mo.
Extra Large Environment 2 View Details 6144 MB 24 GB Shared Unmetered @ +200 Mbps £5.99/mo.
Need more storage? Get in contact with us and depending on the node, we might be able to give you more storage for free or really cheap!
Need a custom plan? Get in contact with us and we might be able to craft a cheaper (per GB) plan for you!

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  • Dedicated Cores
  • Dedicated RAM
  • Enterprise Hardware
  • Guaranteed Performance
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Supported environments.

From hosting your own software to databases and prebuilt apps, we got it all!

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Nice to haves

Some features we provide that might interest you!

Pterodactyl Panel

Pterodactyl is the most popular web panel for hosting games. It has many features, like one click start/stop, startup commands, quick and easy transfers/upgrades as well as FTP and Web Based File Browser which are all nice to have. And of course, all of that comes with our hosting!

Virtual Host Support

Got a weird and long port but want to access your service from ports 80 or 443? Don't worry, we got you covered! Just give us your domain when ordering and we'll setup a vHost for you.

Many Environments

With everything from NodeJS, Python and Ruby, we can host any of your applications! Be it Discord Bots, websites or whatever else, its an easy one click setup.

Frequent promotions.

Make sure to be on a lookout and keep in touch with us as we might have promotions that might interest you!