Our Story

The idea for this sprung shortly after new year, early January 2021.

Code Cats was initially supposed to be a software development company, an extension to my (Aleksa Đorđić) Freelancing, but in the process there was a need for hosting services. While looking around for most basic stuff like getting a simple Discord bot running seemed too expensive for what it is!

Thus our plans shifted a little bit, we've decided to instead get more affordable hosting for everyone before we continue on our journey of software development, and who knows, its highly possible that our software development will now be focused on hosting, especially considering how good developer support has gotten in software like Blesta. (Which we use)

Here we are, after almost eight months later, after months of planning, after setting everything up to be as close to perfect as possible and getting appropriate funding to last for years with minimal profits and sales until we evolve, we're finally opening late July 2021.

As of March 6th 2023, we've opened up as Code Cats Ltd in the UK, moving away from our original location in Serbia. This switch allowed us to offer our clients a better experience, mainly in the billing department as now we're able to support much more than just manual PayPal and Bank Transfer payments!

Our name, Code Cats, came about from two things I really like - coding and cats.